Vehicle Acquisition

How do you determine the right vehicles for your operations? When do you determine the right time to change your vehicle for optimum resale value? Acquiring new vehicles is a major capital expenditure and it’s important to get it right. At Fountain Fleet, we have all the answers you need. We will provide consultation services on the right vehicles to purchase and handle title, registration, and delivery to your office or home.

Our fleet consultants have the expertise to provide you with services from the day you order the vehicles to the time of vehicle disposal or resale.

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01. You first

Our consultants will help you determine the right time to replace your vehicles for maximum resale value and to reduce depreciation

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02. We give our best

We will build fleet profiles for all classes of vehicles in your fleet

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03. All round service

Title and registration management

Accident Management

No one likes collisions but they occur. Our duty is to reduce the risk of collisions to its barest minimum. Are your drivers trained on best practices for accident reporting? If not, then our team of technical experts can help with collision reporting, towing services, repair management, and collision evaluation. Our Accident Management program helps your team build knowledge in handling documentation and repair or damage estimation.


GPS Tracker installation

We’ll handle the device installations and train your fleet managers to proactively manage fleet efficiency, lower operating costs, and increase driver safety and performance.


Data Mining

Optimize your fleet operations with data from our GPS devices. You have nothing to worry about, our highly experienced consultants will help your fleet managers mine the data for optimum fleet performance.


Fleet Management

Our GPS tracking data can be integrated seamlessly with other fleet management software through the use of an API (Application Program Interface) ensuring you save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses.


Purpose Driven

It’s one thing to install a GPS device in a vehicle, and it’s another thing to know what to do with the resulting information and having the right structure to effectively manage your fleet.

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Vehicle Rentals

Renting a car from us is easy. If you want to patronize high-quality vehicle. rental services from us, we at Fountain Fleet welcome you with open arms.

Vehicle Asset Financing

Allow our business consultants to help you maximize cash flow and minimize costs with our vehicle asset financing services. We collaborate with financial institutions and auto dealers to provide affordable vehicle financing. Your operational capital experiences less strain leaving you with available cash flow for other business expenses. Our business consultants will help you with vehicle selection, life cycle costs, and vehicle replacement analysis to reduce your total cost.

Safety Management Cycle

We are here to serve all our customers with impeccable service delivery. Allow our business analysts work in tandem with your team to run a baseline (gap) analysis report using our consulting expertise.

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Safety Management Cycle

Effective policies and procedures that are tailored made for your operations.

Safety Management Cycle

Methods of hiring and qualifying quality employees

Safety Management Cycle

Strong training and communication programs

Safety Management Cycle

Monitoring and tracking the company’s safety and compliance performance (determine if you are properly documenting and meeting objectives and targets).

Safety Management Cycle

Checking and making meaningful corrections when necessary (Identifying problems through audits, measurement, or other activities).

Fleet Safety Management

(Vehicle and Driver Safety Management)

Do you want to have safe drivers on the road? Look no further, we are here to make it happen. Our team developed a comprehensive driver safety program that encompasses mined telematics data, risk assessment, driver training programs, and other safety-related services that keep your drivers safe while reducing risk and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

A well-trained driver understands the importance of safety on the roads and its net positive effect on your fleet. The resulting information from GPS data helps us to identify high-risk drivers. Our team will tailor-make driver training programs for drivers that are most at risk to improve their skills and behavior on the roads.