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You are why we stay in business and are always here to serve you. Your fleet and driver safety needs are met when you engage us. Whether you want to run your operations efficiently, reduce costs, and keep your people safe, our methods are tested and proven to deliver excellent results for businesses like yours.

Whether it's services like fleet and driver safety training, GPS tracking installation, vehicle rentals, and the development of fleet management systems (policies, procedures, best practices, etc.), we are here to serve all your needs with impeccable service delivery.

Let our business analysts work with your team to run a baseline (gap) analysis report using our 6 years of fleet management consulting expertise. We will help you close all gaps responsible for inefficiencies and increases in operations costs, thereby streamlining your fleet operations to the bare minimum expenditure.

At Fountain Fleet, we are in business mainly because of our loyal customers. And since our company is so custom-er-centric, we understand that to provide the highest quality of services for our clients, we must continuously update our knowledge about the industry's products and services.

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We provide an End-to-end suite of fleet management services that span the total fleet lifecycle.

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