Mr. Patrick’s (not his real name; you know who you are) company has a policy to auction and replace vehicles after either 100,000 kilometers or five years of use. Over the last five years, they haven’t been impressed with the performance of their current vehicle brand. What’s unique about Mr. Patrick’s company is that they settle on only one brand and use that same brand throughout the company. We are finding that many companies are starting to do the same. 

After consultation with Mr. Patrick, we used our superfecta formula of profoundly focusing on safety, price, comfort, and after-sales convenience to land on the best vehicle brand for his company. It took less than two weeks to finalize the deal. Not only did we find him the exact vehicle he was looking for, but at a price well below what he had budgeted for. The company saved close to $20,000 on a single purchase. How’s that for cost savings?

Two years later, other companies in his industry used the same vehicle brand. They didn’t all reach out to us for help, but we can say we started a trend that is fast becoming a cultural norm. Our idea is to give value to businesses, whether we are directly involved or not.

Like Mr. Patrick, many people dread the car-buying process. Why? The pushy salespeople (I admit I used to be one), the endless negotiation, and the fear of getting ripped off made it seem like an overwhelming hassle. Of course, until they discover the power of working with an auto broker. Auto brokers are not beholden to any dealership in particular but act strictly on their client’s behalf, akin to a lawyer.

Negotiating the best deals with dealerships takes a lot of skill and experience. Fortunately, auto brokers have both. When you work with professionals who understand the industry, you get exposure to brands and deals you never knew existed.

Of course, you could go at it alone, but do you have the knowledge, time, and expertise? If the answer is No, why waste valuable time and resources when you can have the experts take care of it? Auto brokers know how to navigate the intricacies of dealerships to get you the best deals. Delegating tasks to specialists can help streamline your operations and save you time and money. So why not let the professionals take the wheel?

As an auto broker, I’ve seen countless clients benefit from working with professionals. Here are some of the benefits of working with an auto broker:

1.    Access to Insider Information: We know the ins and outs of dealerships and buying in a way that a regular buyer will probably never learn. Access to insider information and the latest industry trends gives clients an edge when negotiating with dealerships.

2.    Time Savings: Finding and negotiating the best deals on a car can take significant time and effort. However, an auto broker can handle the entire process, including research, test drives, negotiations, and paperwork. This saves clients valuable time that can be used for other essential tasks.

3.    Cost Savings: We have the knowledge and negotiating skills to secure the best possible deal on a car. We don’t even charge a fee; we make straight dealership commissions. You can leverage our understanding of manufacturer rebates, extras, and warranties, often saving clients thousands of dollars.

4.    Convenience: Buying a car can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Now imagine buying a fleet. However, with us, clients can have peace of mind knowing that a professional handles all the details. Auto brokers provide expert guidance, support, and advice throughout the process, making it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

5.    Customized Service: We offer a personalized and customized service tailored to each client’s needs and preferences. We take the time to understand each client’s requirements and help them find the perfect vehicle that fits their budget, lifestyle, and preferences. 

A Client’s Experience: Magdalene Anyerwe

I recently purchased my dream car through Fountain Fleet Solutions, and the experience was truly life-changing. I had my eye on a specific model for months, but I was hesitant to buy because I didn’t want to be taken advantage of by the dealership. However, my auto broker secured a far better deal than I could have negotiated on my own. Thanks to his expertise and insider knowledge, I saved thousands of dollars on my new car.

What’s more, what’s the best part? I had to do nothing but tell him what I was looking for. He handled everything else, including looking up the best deals and negotiating with the dealership. It was as simple as signing on the dotted line and driving away in my new car.

If you’re sick of dealing with car dealerships, consider working with an auto broker. They can save you time, money, and hassle while making the car-buying process as simple as possible. So go ahead and buy the car of your dreams—you deserve it!

Overall, working with an auto broker is a wise decision for anyone looking to buy a car. With insider knowledge, time and cost savings, convenience, and personalized service, clients can rest assured that they’re in good hands.

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